How Long Can a Debt Be Collected?

by Carla

what is my states law on how long a bill collector can try to collect on a bill I heard after seven years they can no longer collect on a bill?

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Sep 14, 2011
How Long Can a Debt Be Collected?

Carla: A debt collector can try to collect a debt that you owe for as long as you owe it. The law in your state that you are referring to applies to how long you can be sued for a debt, or the statute of limitations on the debt, and that depends on the kind of debt. If it is credit card debt, the statute of limitations in Indiana is 6 years and that 6 years begins on the date that you made your last payment on the account. It is 10 years for some other types of debt in your state.

If you want to get an exact answer for the length of the statute of limitations for your particular debt, I recommend that you call your state attorney general's office or meet with a consumer law attorney in your area.

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