Garnishing wages and bank accounts for the same debt.

by Melody
(Grandview, MO)

Can a collection agency (actually a law firm debt collector), garnish your wages and at the same time empty your bank account? I have this law firm who took me to court for 3 different accounts in the same 12 month period. They got judgment on 2 accounts, wiped out my back account for 1 while going trying to collect simultaneously on another account. They recently served my job for a garnishment of my wages. Can they also garnish my bank account too or is it safe to deposit my checks?

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Melody - We're sorry to hear what you are going through. It sounds like you really need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can tell you what judgment creditors can legally do to collect from you in your state. He or she can also help you figure out what your options are if you can't afford to have your wages garnished.

The stress you are under must be enormous. We encourage you to at least set up a
a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as you can.

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