Do I have to pay for a failed treatment ?

In 2010, I received radiation treatments for prostate cancer. The treatments didn't work at all. My PSA kept on rising from 0.36 (prior to radiation) to 1.13 (after radiation).

The hospital collected over $95,500.00 from insurance. My co-payment is about $6,900.00.

The service I received from the provider is not only useless, it robs me of the only chance for a cure. Do I still have to pay my portion ?

Thanks for your advice !

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Apr 28, 2012
Do I have to pay for a failed treatment ?

I am sorry that the medical treatment you received did not work and I understand your frustration. However, you are still obligated to pay the money you owe for the treatment.

I am sure that your doctor explained the risks of the treatment before you had it and told you that there was not a 100% guarantee that it would work. Also, you signed paperwork consenting to the treatment. Therefore you owe the money.

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