Debt of a Deceased Brother in Law

My sister passed away 4 weeks ago. Her husband passed 3 years ago. I inheritated everything. Can a company come back on me for his bills? We were told they were written off. The bills are from the nursing home and medicial bills.

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May 26, 2011
Debt of a Deceased Brother in Law

So sorry about your loss.

You did not incur the debts that your brother in law owed at the time of his death so you are not personally responsible for paying them. Instead, during the probate process, the creditors to whom your brother in law owed the money can submit claims to the court asking to be paid out of his estate, which is everything he owned at the time of his death. Once they are paid, whatever is left will go to you. However, if your brother in law did now own very much, there will be little or nothing left for you to inherit once his creditors get their money. Also, if one of your brother in law's creditors fails to submit a claim to the court and does not get paid therefore, that creditor cannot look to you for the money. Again, the debts were your brother in law's not yours.

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