being sued for a medical bill and can't pay

by michelle

I had a medical bill from 3/25/2012. i was recently served to go to court because of it. I went to court; I didn't even get to talk to the judge. The lawyer representing the hospital told me i had to pay $200 with my next check. I simply cannot afford that and I told him that but he said I had to. Can he do this? What happens if i just pay him what i can afford, will i have to go back to court?

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Did the attorney get a judgment against you? (You can ask the court - it should also show up on your credit report.) If so, then the company that got the judgment against you can take any action that's legal in your state for it to collect. In some states that means they can garnish your wages or take money from your bank account. (Again this depends on state laws; we are not attorneys and this isn't meant as legal advice.)

You don't say the total amount you owe but the fact that you are being told you have to pay more than you can afford makes us believe that your next step is to talk with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible.

You can call (877) 248-2510 to talk with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney should be able to tell you what they can and cannot do to collect and help you understand your options.

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